About us

JANKSAD nursery has been present in the market since 1976 and is a family business with multigenerational tradition which dates back to pre-war times. Currently, the third generation of nurserymen provides the highest quality fruit trees that meet the requirements of customers at home and abroad.

The entire production is under the constant supervision of the Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed. Additional prestige is added by the fact that since 1992 we belong to the Association of Polish Nurserymen of which we are co-founders and to the Society for the Development of Karlovy Courts.

Each year, we offer our clients a wide range of nursery stock such as:

  • Apple trees e.g.: Muna®, Red Jonaprince Select (Wilton’s Star®), Red Jonaprince Wilton’s®, Camspur, Jonagored Supra, Natali Gala,
    Gala Must, Beni Shogun and other,
  • Sour Cherry trees,
  • Sweet Cherry trees,
  • Plum trees,
  • Pear trees,
  • Apricot trees,
  • Peach trees,
  • Black currants e.g.Tiben® & Tisel®,
  • Red currants,
  • Vegetative and generative rootstocks


We have been co-founders of:sps_logo
Stowarzyszenia Polskich Szkółkarzy (Association of Polish Nurseries)